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October is the month of many new challenges in the field of cyber security and interesting implementation for clients. Unexpectedly something else happened - we were honored by and our brand Lemlock was included in the list of the TOP IT & Business Service Providers in Germany. See why Lemlock deserved this award.

Every success that is achieved through perseverance and hard work is satisfying. After a period of intense activities in the field of cybersecurity and numerous penetration tests and security audits for applications, the work of Lemlock specialists has been recognized. We are proud to announce our latest award from Clutch for the TOP IT & Business Service Provider in Germany!

Our main driving force is an awareness of how much more needs to be done to build awareness of existing cyber threats. Educating the market about attacks, data leaks and other dangerous situations for business is our mission. At every step, we emphasize to the companies we cooperate with, how important it is to ensure adequate protection of our resources and structures. And it paid off!


How to choose a cybersecurity service provider?

t is worth mentioning why the Clutch award should be considered valuable. Clutch is a B2B platform that allows customers to share references and communicate the positive effects of cooperation. These references are reliable and authentic - they are supported by complex forms confirming cooperation, as well as direct conversation of Clutch representatives with a specific customer. For this reason, every reference that appears on the company's Clutch profile, is verified and thus has "enhanced credibility". Lemlock appeared in the latest October list of the TOP IT & Business Service Providers in Germany from Clutch. All this is due to the efficient operation of great people in the Lemlock team and their practical knowledge. People who, in addition to dynamic cooperation under the Lemlock brand, also undertake scientific activities with one of the best Polish universities - Wrocław University of Technology - and willingly conduct experimental research to find effective tools to fight hackers.

Hacker attacks on small, medium and large companies

The award is the culmination of our current work, but we do not stop. Even this article is intended to show potential recipients what is really important: still underestimated threats to information security and cyber attacks. These threats apply to companies of all sizes and in every industry. And this is by no means an exaggeration - the facts speak for themselves. Huge and influential corporations are experiencing hacker attacks or their attempts every day, including:

  • 77 million leaked personal data of users processed by Sony;
  • theft of 2.9 million accounts belonging to Adobe;
  • aggressive manipulation of Yahoo! user accounts;

However, cybercriminals are not limited and are a great threat to smaller organizations. According to the Verizon report from 2019, 43% of cyber attacks are carried out on small businesses. What's more, each of the cybercriminals has their own way of infiltrating a given company. Statistics show that 52% of violations were caused by broadly understood hacker activities; 33% are social engineering attacks, 28% are the introduction of malicious software, 21% of attacks were made using errors in the architecture or infrastructure of the application, 15% due to improper behavior of authenticated users and 4% in the form of physical actions (e.g. taking data saved on a USB stick or other equipment). In summary, the purpose of the attack is not important to the hacker, but the financial and non-financial benefits that the planned attack can bring.

Every company needs constant access to tools enabling detection of cyber threats in order to be able to verify the security status every day, supported by real statistics. However, they do not have to do it alone, they only need to receive support from a Cyber Security Partner. It's worth checking the listings of such companies that Clutch makes available on a regular basis to find the right provider in your area.

Who is a cybersecurity Partner?

A cybersecurity partner is none other than a group of people with different competencies (technical, engineering, legal) who work for one purpose - to increase security in the controlled structure (e.g. belonging to a company, system, IT platform, application) and to introduce innovative and professional protection measures. By combining competences from three different areas, you can comprehensively approach the topic of cyber protection. Lemlock, as a company specializing in cybersecurity, with its extensive operations guarantees that as the owner of an application or IT business you can safely and responsibly conduct online activities. It's worth checking if an information security audit or penetration test is necessary for your business. The first consultation is completely FREE and aims to verify your cybersecurity needs - their quality and quantity. Contact our expert directly for dedicated support.

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